Custom Healing Hypnosis MP3

Metro Hypnosis Center creates custom Hypnosis MP3’s for your persona goal.  A custom Hypnosis MP3 includes a 2 hour call or Skype session.  A custom MP3 can be for weight loss, quit smoking, confidence, self esteem, relationships, positive thoughts, career change, transition, creating the life you want, grief, sports and so much more.  Create a personalized script with Mary Battaglia, Certified Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner.  Then Mary reads the script in hypnosis and does a lot of visualization about you achieving the goal.  Call 201-477-0265 or email to schedule an appointment.

Coming soon Custom MP3

Relaxation – Mary’s relaxing voice guides you to the beach to let the stress of the day go.  Mary blends tibetan bowl and chimes so you get into a deeper state of relaxation.  This is a great recording to relax at the end of the day,  get you focused on a task or to help you fall asleep.  Everyone should take some time to relax each day.

Weight Loss – A weight loss hypnosis recording that stresses healthy eating, portion control and living a calm and relaxed life.  Let the hypnosis recording reinforce the positive habits and help you get to your ideal weight.

Easy Pregnancy and Birth – Let Mary’s gentle voice guide you to a calm, relaxing pregnancy and birth.  Makes a great shower gift!

Plant The Seeds Of  Success – Let the power of positive suggestion help you to plant a successful life that includes success, happiness, peace and harmony.

Hypnosis MP3 make great gifts 

Give the gift or positive thoughts with a Hypnosis MP3

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