5 Ways To Make Weight Loss A Successful New Years Resolution

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

January is the time of year when we reflect and realize that we want to be healthy and add weight loss to the top of our New Years Resolution list.  I don’t think I am alone in indulging a little at parties and family events over the holidays and realize that I need to get back to healthy eating.  A healthy lifestyle and loosing weight can be a successful New Years Resolution.

According to Statistic Brain loosing weight is the number one New Years Resolution for 2014.  This can be the year you cross it off your list and start living well by eating the right foods and keep moving.

It is always a good idea to see a Doctor to check your health or a Nutritionist who can review the right foods to eat.  To be successful at weight loss you have to want to make the changes, which usually involve modifying how you eat and start exercising.  Below are 5 tips that can help you succeed!

5 Tips To Help Slim Down

  1. Reverse Negatives thoughts into positives
  2. Visualize yourself eating right, exercising and at the ideal body weight
  3. Say positive affirmations daily
  4. Eat Healthy Foods
  5. Make it fun to exercise

Positive thinking can increase your success to lose weight

Start thinking of the positives of weight loss.   Reverse can’t to can.  “I can eat healthy foods, I can slim down, I can have fun exercising”.  In hypnosis I teach people the importance of the power of positive thinking.  It is a powerful tool to incorporate in all parts of life and can be a wonderful reinforcement in your motivation for change.

Visualization can help you believe you can keep the pounds off

Being able to visualize yourself eating right, exercising and looking good at your ideal weight is important.  See yourself slimming down so that your clothes become lose.  When you eat the right foods visualize the inside of your body working optimally.  When you eat foods you should stay away from visualize what they are doing to your body. If you can see yourself loosing weight then you believe it is possible and work towards doing the right things to obtain your goal.

Reinforce Affirmations

By repeating positive affirmations in the morning, at each meal and at bed time it helps reinforce your intentions.  Say things like  “I easily make the right food choices, Portion control comes naturally, I easily slim down and reach my ideal weight, I walk 4 days a week, I feel good eating healthy foods”.  Affirmations are any positive statement that reinforces the goals and good habits that help you obtain your objective.

Eating Right

Eating a balanced diet with variety is the key to successful healthy eating. Who says food has to be boring when slimming down?  Keep in mind the portions you eat, make better choices for sides and add plenty of vegetables.  I find preparing meals in advance helps me eat healthy.  I also swap healthy meals with friends so I have more choices. When food shopping, I avoid buying the foods that should not be in my cupboard.   I am fortunate to live in Bergen County NJ which has many great healthy food stores in Paramus, Ridgewood, Oradell, Westwood, River Edge and Emerson.   When I don’t have time to cook I go to the stores that I can buy healthy prepared foods that keep me eating right!

Make it fun to exercise

Choose exercise that is fun and enjoyable to you.   If you go to a gym break up the routine and attend a different class.  It does not have to cost money to be in good shape.  Get a workout buddy to exercise with.  This helps you enjoy the time, push yourself and be accountable for working out.  Walking is a great form of exercise so if it is cold don’t let that be an excuse and drive to a mall to walk.   Add exercise to your calendar so you schedule the time.   Use your house as a gym and run up and down stairs or lift water bottles that are the right weight for you.  Just always keep moving.

You can do it!

Loosing weight and living a healthy lifestyle is an obtainable goal.  Follow these 5 steps to incorporate into your goal of loosing weight and you will be surprised at how obtainable it is.  Remember it does not happen over night but if you eat the right foods, move and are positive you can make 2014 the year to successfully slim down!