Golf Hypnosis Can Help Your Game In Bergen County

Many golfers play on weekends over a period of time and practice as much as they can.  Some golfers get frustrated when they don’t have the game they expect.  Even though they practice the consistency may be there. Hypnosis can help you stay focused and relaxed each time you hit the ball.  Hypnosis is a natural altered state.

How hypnosis works to help you improve golf

Every golf player comes to hypnosis with a goal to achieve.  Whether it is to have better accuracy, be more relaxed or feel confident we start with the goal.   In hypnosis people visualize the goal and the game going the way is should.  That includes feeling relaxed and focused each time you swing the golf club.  Metro Hypnosis Center’s philosophy is “If you can see it you can achieve it”.

Positive Affirmations Help You Play A Winning Game

Positive affirmations are created to reinforce the goals people want to achieve and a customized mp3 to be listened daily is created.  Then we go deeper to see if there is a limiting self-belief blocking people from playing the golf game they are meant to.  It typically takes 3-6 sessions when working with any type of sports hypnosis.

Golf injuries affecting your game can be helped by hypnosis

Mary Battaglia, Certified Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner can help golfers with back, knee or elbow pain or before surgery.   Golf injuries have been reported to affect 15-20% of golfers.  If your injuries are affecting your game either mentally or physically then give Metro Hypnosis Center a call.

Can hypnosis help me with 1st tee jitters in golf?

Even after playing for years some golfers are still affected by first tee jitters or experience stress at different holes for one reason or another.  In hypnosis we peel away the layers like an onion and see why you feel that way.  Through hypnosis anchors are created to help people bring back the feeling of relaxation and focus each time they are ready to swing a club.  Whether you need help putting, chipping, swinging or getting off the tee, hypnosis can help.

Join professional golfers who use sports hypnosis

Have you ever admired Tiger Woods skill and calm as a golf professional?  When Tiger Woods was a teenager he worked with a hypnotist to help him be focused.  Jack Nicklaus practiced concentration and visualization to increase his golf performance.   Make the choice to play your best by thinking positively about the game, and learn how to relax and focus on the golf course.

Call today to see how hypnosis can help your golf game

Get in the zone with golf hypnosis at Metro Hypnosis Center.  Call for a free consultations so you can play the golf game you have been dreaming of. We serve Haworth, Oradell, Paramus, Emerson, Ridgewood and all areas in Bergen County for golf hypnosis.