Happy, Healthy Heart Month

hypnosis and a healthy heart

February is heart month

Since February is American Heart Month and includes Valentines Day I am calling it Happy, Healthy Heart Month!

Did you know that high blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol, diabetes, smoking and being sedentary are risks factors for heart disease?  Good thing hypnosis can help with most of the health risks on the list.  By learning self -hypnosis you can help decrease your stress and be calm, visualize your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar at the right levels.  Hypnosis can help you change habits like eating and smoking.  So think hypnosis for a healthy heart!

If you want to learn about new foods, recipes and how hypnosis can help you create better eating habits to lose weight for a healthy heart, then come to the Feb 28 workshop on Hypnosis and Healthy Eating.  Learn healthy eating tips and recipes from Chef Todd H. Daignault.   I will teach you self-hypnosis and how to create positive affirmations to start healthy eating habits.

Now what about in the area of love, can hypnosis help out with relationships?  Yes it can.  Hypnosis can help you clear blocks from old relationships so you can move forward in a new relationship.  So here is a Valentine’s Day tip for anyone whether you are in a relationship or not.

See yourself start Valentines Day and every day filling your heart up with love.  If you start your day with a heart full of love then the little things roll off and the day is easy.  Having your heart full of love will impact how you handle situations, talk to people and you will be amazed that it can even come back to you.  Because people feel it when we do things for them with a heart full of love.

I wish everyone a healthy heart full of love and joy for February and every day!

Finding Healing and Purpose Through Past Life Regression

There is a way to explore relationships, unexplained fears, traumas, and find your life purpose.  It can be done through past life regression in hypnosis.  If you believe in reincarnation and feel that a past life is affecting you in this lifetime then a past life regression may help you find the answers.

 Hypnosis is a natural altered state.  In hypnosis you relax enough to go into the subconscious where the memories are stored.  A hypnotist induces hypnosis and guides the client to a deep relaxed state.  There is always a reason to go back to a past life.  It can be to find your life purpose, heal, and fix relationships, un-block fears and so much more.

People can experience past lives a little differently.  For some it can be very vivid like a movie, others get flashes, some just sense or hear what is going on.  You remember everything that goes on in the past life regression.  Some people get names, places and time periods.  The most important thing is to listen to the messages that come through in a past life regression.  Trust that the subconscious takes you where you need to go to.

A past life regression can be done individually or with groups.  When working with groups everyone goes back for the same reason.  Groups are taught self-hypnosis and visualization techniques as well.   A past life regression can be an insightful, fascinating and eye opening experience.  Come to a group past life regression workshop on March 30.