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Discover how hypnosis can help you make the changes you want at Metro Hypnosis Center, LLC.  You may not know this, however hypnosis can clear emotional blocks, reduce pain or recovery time from surgery and decrease stress so you can lead a happier life.  Hypnosis is a natural yet altered state of mind.  Many people go into some form of hypnosis every day.  Do you ever daydream?  Do you meditate?  These are all trance like states just like hypnosis.

Everyone comes to Metro Hypnosis Center with a goal to achieve, which can be increase self confidence, relationship issues, stress or a medical issues. It is important to listen to everyone’s story and really hear what they are saying. We work with people to clear life obstacles and are one of the few hypnotherapy practices in Bergen County New Jersey that offers medical hypnotherapy which complements medical treatment.  At Metro Hypnosis Center we take the time to ensure that people understand what hypnosis is and how you are always in control during a session.   We create a comfortable, friendly environment for our clients because their comfort and trust is invaluable.

Self-Hypnosis Empowers Clients

Part of our goal at Metro Hypnosis Center is to empower people by teaching self -hypnosis.  This enables people to reinforce what they learn during hypnosis and continue to develop their personal growth throughout their lives.  People benefit from self-hypnosis and lead successful, calm, relaxed and healthier lives.  We also create general and custom CD’s that can be used for self-hypnosis at home.

Medical Hypnotherapy in Bergen County New Jersey

Mary Battaglia, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, is the founder of Metro Hypnosis Center and received additional training and certification in medical hypnosis, which sets her practice apart from other hypnotherapists in Bergen County and all of New Jersey.  She has over 500 hours of hypnotherapy training, which is more than double the average education of other hypnotists.

Hypnotherapy programs for corporations, hospitals and physicians in NJ & NY

Metro Hypnosis Center works with corporations to create specific health programs to benefit their employees.  We create programs that can save money for insurance companies since hypnosis prior to surgery can help people heal quicker and shorten hospital stays.  We also create group weight loss programs. Everyday we build relationships with hospitals, physical therapy, gyms and physicians throughout New Jersey and New York that need our holistic, adjunct services.

Hypnosis has many benefits

Hypnosis can benefit many people.  It is a holistic approach to feeling good and working through problems.  The role of a hypnotherapist at Metro Hypnosis Center is to guide people through hypnosis and find out what in the subconscious is blocking them to be healthy, or preventing them from living the life they want. Many people are aware that hypnosis helps people stop smoking and lose weight, but don’t realize that it can help with so much more.  Below are just some of the many ways in which hypnosis can help you:

Weight Loss Sleep Pain Relief
Stop Smoking Irritable Bowel Syndrome Confidence
Grief Positive Thinking Anxiety & Stress
Relationships Test Taking Menopause