How Hypnosis Helps A NYC Marathon Runner Cross The Finish Line

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How hypnosis can help runners with the NYC Marathon

To run the NYC Marathon takes great determination, strength and training.  Runners of the NYC Marathon give up much personal time to focus on training and preparing the body for the 26 mile run to cross the finish line.

Most runners are in great physical shape, have trained for months and are physically ready for the NYC Marathon.   It takes just a moment for a negative thought to seep in and shake the confidence.  This is where sports hypnosis can help.  Hypnosis can help reinforce the positive thought process so that the mind is focused on succeeding and running through the finish line.

The first step is creating a script that takes any negative thoughts and makes them positive.  In hypnosis the script is read to th

The positive statements saturate the subconscious mind and can help reinforce good thoughts into the mind.   For example “I can run 26 miles and cross the finish line” instead of “I won’t reach the finish line” can make a big difference in achieving the goal of completing the race.    So keep positive thoughts flowing before any race or marathon.

A second way of reinforcing positive thoughts is by visualizing the positive outcome. Visualize how the body is comfortable throughout the race, strong, hydrated and at its peak.  Visualize connecting to the crowd, being positive and running across the finish line.  Remember if you can see it you can believe it.

A third way that hypnosis can help is by going within to see where the block is.  The block can be lack of confidence, fear of not finishing or an injury.  It does not matter what the block is, it just matters that it gets removed so it does not hinder the goal of finishing the race.

Whether you are running the NYC Marathon, Philadelphia Marathon, Boston Marathon, a 5k race or running for pleasure keep the positive thoughts flowing so you succeed and get to the finish line.

Did You Schedule Your Mammogram This Year?

Every October is Breast Cancer awareness month.  It is an important reminder to make women aware of having their annual check up and mammogram.  In 2015 an estimated 231,840 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women in the United States according to  The next number is even more daunting because 40,290 women in the U.S are expected to die in 2015 from breast cancer.


Due to early detection and treatment advances there has been a decrease in women under 50 being diagnosed with cancer.   Besides skin cancer, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women.  In 2015 it is estimated that approximately 30% of newly diagnosed cancers in women will be breast cancer.


Early detection is a women’s best defense mechanism in combating breast cancer.  Having a yearly mammogram is one way to help you check for early detection.  According to WebMD, 3D mammograms used along with digital mammograms bump up breast cancer detection by more than 40 percent.    3D mammograms also decreased down on callbacks to clients.  It is important to note that 3D mammography is not covered by insurance (it typically costs $50.00 – $100.00) and does expose women to more radiation.


Because of the radiation in a mammogram some people may opt for thermography, which uses a highly sensitive infrared camera to map the body’s temperature. To this date thermography is not recommended as a replacement for mammography and is not covered by insurance.  There is zero radiation with thermography and it is non-invasive.  With thermography it checks for subtle variations in blood vessel activity so the interpreting doctors detect thermal heat patterns that can show a pre-disease state.


Always do your own research and check in with your physician for additional input so you know which or if both tests are right for you.   The main thing is for you to be proactive and each year to schedule your yearly gynecologist exam and decide on which test is right for you.


Join Metro Hypnosis Center in the 2nd Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Challenge.  All you need to do is ask one women over 40 if they have had a mammogram or to schedule their annual check up.  It’s that simple and if we work together we can help detect breast cancer early on and maybe even save a life!


5 Life Lessons I learned From Rock Climbing

Metro Hypnosis Center Life Lessons

5 Life Lessons From Rock Climbing

I never realized the life lessons that could be learned from rock climbing until I went with my nieces Emily and Olivia. We had a picture perfect day. The weather was the cool and the expansive blue sky shined above us. So off we went to the Gunks in the Mohonk Preserve, which is known for some of the best climbing areas on the East Coast.

Our rock climbing guide, Eric from EMS Rock climbing was the perfect guide. He educated us on the knots, strategy and safety of climbing. He was calm, encouraging and helpful in the strategy and very patient especially with me when my fear kicked in and I realized that in order to come down I had to trust that all would be well. That was one of 5 life lessons I learned from rock climbing:

1. Choosing The Right Path – It was interesting to observe that when navigating the rocks some choices made the path more challenging and took longer. When the correct path was chosen the climb was easy and quick to navigate. Just like in life, when the right path is selected, everything is easy and effortless.

2. Asking for and accepting help – Walking up to the climb had some narrow passages that were hard to navigate with a large pack. The guide recommended passing him the pack to make the trip easier. At first I resisted and soon found how the pack wedged into the rocks and made it difficult to move. So I took the advice and asked for the help so the pack was passed forward and the climb became simple and easy. In life it is an important lesson to learn that there are times to ask for and accept help. Why struggle unnecessarily, when you have a guide who sees and hears the struggle and wants to help?

3. Baby steps – I say this so frequently to my hypnosis clients. “Just take baby steps and you will get there”. Well baby steps are the way to climb a rock. If I tried to take too big a step it was hard to leverage my footing. The baby steps were just the right steps to get the footing correct while climbing upward. Small steps sometimes needs to be taken to make the necessary changes for the big leaps in life.

4. Trust – I talk about trust and believing in your self during hypnosis sessions. It was certainly put to the test on the rock. To climb down a rock you need to lean back from the rock, put your weight in the harness and walk down with the person below, controlling the rope slack. My fear kicked in big time! Eric the guide had to talk me down so I was able to remove the fear and take that leap of faith that all would be right and it was!

5. Empowerment – As I watched Emily and Olivia I thought how empowering this was. They were fearless, agile and trusted in themselves to climb heights and hang precariously from rocks. They both made it look easy. Both girls are at crossroads in life, Emily starting college and Olivia high school. I said to them “in the future if you wonder if you can do something in life to remember today and how you scaled new heights. Always remember the feeling of empowerment and believe in yourself so you can conquer any future challenge”.

I did not climb as high as the girls, but I did what I was comfortable with, conquered fears and felt empowered on my own path. Anytime we push ourselves and go outside of our comfort zone we advance in life. My biggest pleasure was watching my nieces climb like spider women, have fun, scale to new heights and know that this was a memory they will have for the rest of their lives.

Happy, Healthy Heart Month

hypnosis and a healthy heart

February is heart month

Since February is American Heart Month and includes Valentines Day I am calling it Happy, Healthy Heart Month!

Did you know that high blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol, diabetes, smoking and being sedentary are risks factors for heart disease?  Good thing hypnosis can help with most of the health risks on the list.  By learning self -hypnosis you can help decrease your stress and be calm, visualize your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar at the right levels.  Hypnosis can help you change habits like eating and smoking.  So think hypnosis for a healthy heart!

If you want to learn about new foods, recipes and how hypnosis can help you create better eating habits to lose weight for a healthy heart, then come to the Feb 28 workshop on Hypnosis and Healthy Eating.  Learn healthy eating tips and recipes from Chef Todd H. Daignault.   I will teach you self-hypnosis and how to create positive affirmations to start healthy eating habits.

Now what about in the area of love, can hypnosis help out with relationships?  Yes it can.  Hypnosis can help you clear blocks from old relationships so you can move forward in a new relationship.  So here is a Valentine’s Day tip for anyone whether you are in a relationship or not.

See yourself start Valentines Day and every day filling your heart up with love.  If you start your day with a heart full of love then the little things roll off and the day is easy.  Having your heart full of love will impact how you handle situations, talk to people and you will be amazed that it can even come back to you.  Because people feel it when we do things for them with a heart full of love.

I wish everyone a healthy heart full of love and joy for February and every day!

Finding Healing and Purpose Through Past Life Regression

There is a way to explore relationships, unexplained fears, traumas, and find your life purpose.  It can be done through past life regression in hypnosis.  If you believe in reincarnation and feel that a past life is affecting you in this lifetime then a past life regression may help you find the answers.

 Hypnosis is a natural altered state.  In hypnosis you relax enough to go into the subconscious where the memories are stored.  A hypnotist induces hypnosis and guides the client to a deep relaxed state.  There is always a reason to go back to a past life.  It can be to find your life purpose, heal, and fix relationships, un-block fears and so much more.

People can experience past lives a little differently.  For some it can be very vivid like a movie, others get flashes, some just sense or hear what is going on.  You remember everything that goes on in the past life regression.  Some people get names, places and time periods.  The most important thing is to listen to the messages that come through in a past life regression.  Trust that the subconscious takes you where you need to go to.

A past life regression can be done individually or with groups.  When working with groups everyone goes back for the same reason.  Groups are taught self-hypnosis and visualization techniques as well.   A past life regression can be an insightful, fascinating and eye opening experience.  Come to a group past life regression workshop on March 30.


5 Tips To Stop Smoking For The Great American Smokeout

quit smokingEvery year on the third Thursday of November the American Cancer Society encourages smokers to quit smoking for at least one day or for good with the Great American Smokeout.  The Great American Smokeout started on November 28, 1976 when the California Division of the American Cancer Society was able to get 1 million smokers to quit for the day.  Because it was such a success The American Cancer Society rolled it out nationwide in 1977.

The Great American Smokeout has drawn attention to the adverse health affects smoking has. So much focus has come out of this day that laws were created to stop smoking in work places, restaurants and to limit cigarette promotions and discourage teen cigarette use.

 In honor of The Great American Smokeout and lung cancer awareness month I  put together some tips that I use with hypnosis clients to help them become non-smokers.  

  1.  Pick a date in the next week or so and start cutting down cigarettes.  Once you get to that date commit to yourself and stop smoking
  2. Change the habit of smoking to something else.  For example when you feel the need to smoke take a drink from a bottle of water instead.
  3. Create and then say affirmations twice a day.  Create affirmations that make sense to you.   For example I easily quit smoking and live a healthy life or I am a nonsmoker for the rest of my life.
  4. Stay away from situations that trigger the need to smoke
  5. Utilize hypnosis and visualize yourself not smoking, being clam and relaxed and living a healthy life

Best time to quit smoking

Did you know that one of the best times to quit smoking is when you go on vacation?  When you are on vacation you are on a different schedule, relaxed and busy doing fun activities.

Make this November the year you quit smoking and take a step forward in living a healthier life.  Remember you can do it!


Metro Hypnosis Center’s Breast Cancer Awareness Challenge

October is breast cancer awareness month.  It is a great reminder to get our annual checkup and mammogram to prevent or detect breast cancer in an early stage.

Breast cancer awareness is very important to me because my sister passed away from breast cancer 2 years ago.  Her birthday is this month and she would have been 51 years old.  So I would like to try and make a difference so that other people don’t lose a sister, mother, grandmother, cousin, aunt, niece, or friend to breast cancer.

My breast cancer prevention challenge is very simple.   All I request is that women and men ask at least one female friend or family member over the age of 40 when the last time they had a mammogram.  If it has been over a year then encourage them to make an appointment for a mammogram.  Go with them or make the appointment if you have to.  If each of us asks and reminds one female friend imagine how many people can detect breast cancer at an early stage and live a long life.

My first friend I ask is Carolyn.  She is a busy Mom who takes care of everyone else first just like many other Mother’s do. Who are you going to ask?  Don’t let “I don’t have time” be an excuse.  We should always have time for prevention and living a healthy life.  And if someone does not want to do a mammogram then think of thermography, which is an important imaging tool that can detect diseases.

Please support the National Breast Cancer Foundation awareness of breast cancer.  Check in with a friend and ask her when she had her last mammogram.  Because I see it I know we can all help each other in the fight against breast cancer.  Let’s make it happen and make a difference together!


5 Ways To Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking

hypnosis and fear of presentation

Glossophobia is the official term for fear of public speaking or stage fright.   According to 75% of people suffer from some type of anxiety related to public speaking.  Some people even fear public speaking more than death.  Fear of presenting can affect a promotion or prevent you from living your full potential.

Do you get the feeling of a heavy weight or knots in your stomach anytime you have to do a presentation? Does the fear of public speaking keep you up at night because of stress and anxiousness?  Don’t let the fear stop you from moving forward or improving.

When working with clients in hypnosis for public speaking the first step is to see if there is any memory that triggers the stress.  Sometimes there is an experience in the classroom or an embarrassing moment that started the fear.  If a bad experience started the fear then it is good to know that in hypnosis there are techniques that help to remove the emotion from the event.

Sometimes it is a limiting belief that triggers the feeling.  It could be “I am not good enough” or “I am not a success”.  Hypnosis can help peel away whatever layers cause the block of public speaking.  Being able to visualize being relaxed and comfortable in front of all audiences is key to believing it can happen.  Below are tips to help with presentations:

  1. Prepare the presentation and be comfortable with the material
  2. Before presenting visualize being relaxed, confident, and doing an awesome job!
  3. Get in the zone by breathing exercises and self-hypnosis prior to the the presentation.
  4. Smile and take a deep breath in and exhale slowly when starting the presentation.  Smiles are contagious and send positive energy to the audience.
  5. Practice, Practice, Practice!  Join a supportive group like Toastmasters to because the more you present the better you get.

Let people hear what you have to say and feel empowered and confident.  Whether you use hypnosis or take classes to help with presenting always step up and be the best you can.  Learn how hypnosis can help with fear of public speaking first hand by coming to the free September 23, 2014 hypnosis workshop.


Can Stress Cause 60% of Illnesses?

search-1 According to the American Institute of Stress 60 percent of illnesses and diseases are caused by stress.  Stress can cause people to overeat and lose sleep, which are 2 important components in leading a healthy life.

How does stress cause illnesses

Many people live stressful lives balancing families and demanding careers.  Our bodies are not meant to live in stress mode all day.  When stress is the primary way we live then the body does not function optimally and affects the digestive, immune, reproductive systems and the mind.  So stress can affect your body and cause illnesses.  Try to work at leading a more balanced life where stress is less and find ways to feel relaxation or calm throughout the day.

The affects of relaxation through hypnosis

I always check with clients to see where stress levels are at the beginning and end of a session.  The other day I had a first time client who went from a stress level of 7 to a 2 by the end of the hypnosis session. She looked like a different person when she left.  Her face was relaxed and calm. I asked her now that that she felt calm and relaxed did things seem easier and possible?  She said yes.

So find ways to learn how to add relaxation to your day.  Whether it is through exercise, yoga, meditation or self-hypnosis teach your body to feel calm and relaxed more often.


Can Hypnosis Help You Be A Better Golfer?

golf hypnosis

Golf Hypnosis

Now that the nice weather is upon us golfers are dusting off their clubs and going to the golf course to play. Some golfers may be a little rusty unless they have been practicing their swing indoors throughout the winter at the PGA Tour Superstore in Paramus New Jersey. Even if they have been practicing all winter they still may want to improve their score, swing or feel more relaxed and focused on the golf course.

What better way to improve a mental game than with sports hypnosis? Hypnosis is a state of relaxation that allows you to go deep within yourself to the subconscious mind. In the subconscious mind you can find blocks that may be holding you back from the perfect swing, or limiting beliefs like I can’t make that shot, I am not a good player. In hypnosis you can visualize playing better, feeling relaxed, focused and playing a great game.

How Golf hypnosis can help you get in the zone

1. Relax – By creating anchors that bring back the feeling of relaxation you experienced in hypnosis, you focus on hitting the ball without the jitters.
2. Focus – By saying positive affirmations and listening to personalized CD’s you easily focus when hitting the ball
3. Blocks – By removing blocks that get in the way of the game you can become a better player
4. Visualization – By visualizing a positive game where you are relaxed, focused and have a great swing. Remember if you can see it you can achieve it.
5. Pain and injury – Hypnosis can help address many physical issues that impact your game like pain or pre/post surgery.

If you want to be like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus and use hypnosis to give you an edge in golf then contact Metro Hypnosis Center in Oradell NJ to book a free consultation.