Can Stress Cause 60% of Illnesses?

search-1 According to the American Institute of Stress 60 percent of illnesses and diseases are caused by stress.  Stress can cause people to overeat and lose sleep, which are 2 important components in leading a healthy life.

How does stress cause illnesses

Many people live stressful lives balancing families and demanding careers.  Our bodies are not meant to live in stress mode all day.  When stress is the primary way we live then the body does not function optimally and affects the digestive, immune, reproductive systems and the mind.  So stress can affect your body and cause illnesses.  Try to work at leading a more balanced life where stress is less and find ways to feel relaxation or calm throughout the day.

The affects of relaxation through hypnosis

I always check with clients to see where stress levels are at the beginning and end of a session.  The other day I had a first time client who went from a stress level of 7 to a 2 by the end of the hypnosis session. She looked like a different person when she left.  Her face was relaxed and calm. I asked her now that that she felt calm and relaxed did things seem easier and possible?  She said yes.

So find ways to learn how to add relaxation to your day.  Whether it is through exercise, yoga, meditation or self-hypnosis teach your body to feel calm and relaxed more often.


Come Sit In My Hypnosis Chair

Welcome to my hypnosis blog!  I am very excited to be opening up my practice in Oradell New Jersey which is in the heart of Bergen County.  I  welcome you to come sit in my chair. I searched high and low for just the right chair and am happy to say I found one that is comfortable for all.  It has extra cushion and padding to keep you comfortable during a hypnosis session.

If hypnosis is new to you please feel free to call me and I can schedule a free consultation.  I am always happy to discuss hypnosis and explain the many benefits of a hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is a natural and holistic approach to feeling good and working through problems.  I guide people through hypnosis and find out what in the subconscious is blocking you.  This enables  you to  lead the life you want. Many people are aware that hypnosis helps people stop smoking and lose weight, but don’t realize that it can help with so many other issues.   Below are just some of the many ways in which hypnosis can help you:

Weight Loss Insomnia Pain Relief
Stop Smoking Irritable Bowl Syndrome Confidence
Grief Positive Thinking Anxiety And Stress
Relationships Test Taking Menopause

It is great to read about hypnosis but nothing beats sitting in my chair and experiencing it first hand.  Many clients tell me how incredibly relaxing it is.  So find out more about hypnosis and come in for a free no obligation consultation so you know exactly what hypnosis is!