An Awakening Night

yin yang yogini

Left Charlotte Stone, Right Kathryn Livingston

I recently attended a book signing for Yin, Yang, Yogini by Kathryn E. Livingston at Stone Center for Yoga and Health. It was an emotional and inspirational evening that started out with a gentle yoga session. I was excited to feel comfortable with the basics. We ended the yoga session in a loving circle around Kathryn sending her positive affirmations about how she has touched and inspired us.

The book is a true story of Kathryn’s midlife journey and how practicing yoga helps her get to a place of calm, living in the moment, connecting to her spiritual side and learning to trust in the universe. Kathryn writes about how yoga helps her deal with breast cancer, surgery and radiation. It weaves a wonderful story of friendship, marriage, motherhood and yoga in an easy to read, witty book.

Two of Kathryn’s yoga teachers and mentors read passages from the book at the signing and you could feel the love and support that surrounded Kathryn for her book Yin, Yang, Yogini. She thanked everyone for their support and signed many books.

It made me think about how all of us are on a path and journey in life to our own awakening. There are many ways you can connect to your inner self and learn to be calm, grounded and become awakened. For me it was hypnosis, for Kathryn it was yoga. What is your path to your awakening?