How Hypnosis Helps A NYC Marathon Runner Cross The Finish Line

nyc marathon

How hypnosis can help runners with the NYC Marathon

To run the NYC Marathon takes great determination, strength and training.  Runners of the NYC Marathon give up much personal time to focus on training and preparing the body for the 26 mile run to cross the finish line.

Most runners are in great physical shape, have trained for months and are physically ready for the NYC Marathon.   It takes just a moment for a negative thought to seep in and shake the confidence.  This is where sports hypnosis can help.  Hypnosis can help reinforce the positive thought process so that the mind is focused on succeeding and running through the finish line.

The first step is creating a script that takes any negative thoughts and makes them positive.  In hypnosis the script is read to th

The positive statements saturate the subconscious mind and can help reinforce good thoughts into the mind.   For example “I can run 26 miles and cross the finish line” instead of “I won’t reach the finish line” can make a big difference in achieving the goal of completing the race.    So keep positive thoughts flowing before any race or marathon.

A second way of reinforcing positive thoughts is by visualizing the positive outcome. Visualize how the body is comfortable throughout the race, strong, hydrated and at its peak.  Visualize connecting to the crowd, being positive and running across the finish line.  Remember if you can see it you can believe it.

A third way that hypnosis can help is by going within to see where the block is.  The block can be lack of confidence, fear of not finishing or an injury.  It does not matter what the block is, it just matters that it gets removed so it does not hinder the goal of finishing the race.

Whether you are running the NYC Marathon, Philadelphia Marathon, Boston Marathon, a 5k race or running for pleasure keep the positive thoughts flowing so you succeed and get to the finish line.