How Hypnosis Makes Pregnancy, Labor And Delivery More Comfortable

Whether it is the first or fourth pregnancy hypnosis can help you stay calm and relaxed during the pregnancy, delivery and birth.    By teaching the pregnant Mother hypnosis she learns how to relax and reduce stress so she feels comfortable and deals with anything that comes her way.   In hypnosis the Mom will hear everything that is going on but be in a calm and relaxed place.  Metro Hypnosis Center will work with doula’s and midwives to reinforce their process.

Empower yourself to have a comfortable pregnancy and birth with hypnosis in Bergen County NJ

Being pregnant is a wonderful and exciting time for a woman.  Whether you have a natural birth, water birth, or use an epidural, hypnosis is a calming tool to have an easier pregnancy and delivery.  Every woman is unique and the sessions are built around the type of experience you want.  In the first session a custom script is created that focuses on the first trimester but includes the whole pregnancy and delivery going well.   A lot of visualization is included in the sessions.  Any blocks or fears are released in hypnosis sessions so you feel positive and see an easy pregnancy and delivery.  A positive birth experience is created just for you in hypnosis!  There typically are 3 scripts created during the pregnancy, one for each trimester.   An mp3 is created for each script and you listen to it each day so it reinforces the hypnosis techniques and positive mindset.  Everyone is taught self-hypnosis as well as multiple comfort and ease techniques for an easy birth.  Time is spent to connect Mom’s to the baby so they are connected during labor and delivery.  There are many wonderful hypnosis techniques to help with morning sickness, energy and discomfort during the pregnancy.

Dad or co-parent hypnosis sessions for birth 

Expectant dad or co-parent is also involved in hypnosis so everyone is on the same page.  Dad’s have a script customized for their concerns of the pregnancy, stepping into the new roll of Fatherhood and being a supportive coach.  It is important for the significant other to see the pregnancy and delivery go well too so everyone has the same positive mindset.

Comfort and ease for the delivery birth with hypnosis

Using the techniques from medical hypnosis Mary teaches Mom’s to feel empowered and techniques for comfort and ease.  The more calm and relaxation an expectant mother feels the easier and comfortable delivery will be.   If the body is relaxed it easily connects to the natural rhythm of childbirth.  If the body is tense it is like the body is fighting against the process.    Many techniques like glove anesthesia, color dilution, discomfort dials are taught for comfort and ease during pregnancy and delivery.

Breech Birth and Hypnosis In NJ

A Breech Birth is when the feet come first instead of the head for delivery. By learning hypnosis techniques to relax the uterine muscles it allows the baby to have more room and flexibility to move around. By connecting the Mom with the baby in hypnosis can improve the connection of Mother and child so the baby turns it’s body so the head is first. A lot of time is spent on visualizing the baby turning around and the Mom to be relaxed and communicating with the baby.

Statistics show an easier birth with hypnosis

Studies by the University of Florida in 2000 showed that Mothers who learned hypnosis before birthing had fewer complications, needed less medication and are more likely to have healthier babies then women without hypnosis.  The British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology reported a reduction in the amount of labor time in women who utilized hypnosis.

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Hypnosis birth and delivery packages can vary to meet your needs and budget.  Group sessions of 5 or more people can also be created.   Find out how you can have an easy birth today!   Metro Hypnosis Center helps pregnant Mom’s in Bergen County including Oradell, Ridgewood, Paramaus, Westwood, Emerson, River Edge, Rockland, Nyack, Nanuet and New City.  Call for a free 20 minute consultation at 201-477-0265.