5 Ways To Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking

hypnosis and fear of presentation

Glossophobia is the official term for fear of public speaking or stage fright.   According to Glossophobia.com 75% of people suffer from some type of anxiety related to public speaking.  Some people even fear public speaking more than death.  Fear of presenting can affect a promotion or prevent you from living your full potential.

Do you get the feeling of a heavy weight or knots in your stomach anytime you have to do a presentation? Does the fear of public speaking keep you up at night because of stress and anxiousness?  Don’t let the fear stop you from moving forward or improving.

When working with clients in hypnosis for public speaking the first step is to see if there is any memory that triggers the stress.  Sometimes there is an experience in the classroom or an embarrassing moment that started the fear.  If a bad experience started the fear then it is good to know that in hypnosis there are techniques that help to remove the emotion from the event.

Sometimes it is a limiting belief that triggers the feeling.  It could be “I am not good enough” or “I am not a success”.  Hypnosis can help peel away whatever layers cause the block of public speaking.  Being able to visualize being relaxed and comfortable in front of all audiences is key to believing it can happen.  Below are tips to help with presentations:

  1. Prepare the presentation and be comfortable with the material
  2. Before presenting visualize being relaxed, confident, and doing an awesome job!
  3. Get in the zone by breathing exercises and self-hypnosis prior to the the presentation.
  4. Smile and take a deep breath in and exhale slowly when starting the presentation.  Smiles are contagious and send positive energy to the audience.
  5. Practice, Practice, Practice!  Join a supportive group like Toastmasters to because the more you present the better you get.

Let people hear what you have to say and feel empowered and confident.  Whether you use hypnosis or take classes to help with presenting always step up and be the best you can.  Learn how hypnosis can help with fear of public speaking first hand by coming to the free September 23, 2014 hypnosis workshop.