Below are client testimonials after hypnosis sessions:

Testimonial – Hypnosis Pain and Inflammation

I was experiencing a lot of pain in my elbow due to a fall I took a few months ago. I had severe tendonitis that just never seemed to get better. After one hypnosis session with Mary Battaglia at Metro Hypnosis, the pain and inflammation in my elbow has gotten significantly better. Her approach to hypnosis is comfortable, professional, and very effective. I would highly recommend Mary as a hypnosis practitioner.
– Dori Eldridge, NJ

Testimonial – Hypnosis & Grief

I have been attending sessions with Ms. Mary Battaglia, Clinical Hypnotherapist for several months now to deal with the grief associated with the loss of my husband due to cancer. Following his death I attended multiple support groups and therapy sessions but could not seem to get past the grief enough to move forward in many aspects of my life. As a nurse practitioner with many years of experience in caring for sick and dying patients I realized that my grief was very complicated. I am a proponent of complimentary therapies to aid in traditional treatment as well as alternative treatments in many situations. Having successfully undergone hypnosis years ago for claustrophobia I decided to revisit this option for my grief. My hypnotherapy sessions have helped me to explore my deep-rooted sadness and develop healing strategies. Ms. Battaglia is a caring and compassionate individual with a soothing voice who promotes a sense of comfort and security in a safe environment. The big, comfortable, reclining “hypnosis chair” engulfs your body as you peacefully sink deeper and deeper into hypnosis while exploring your emotions. Hypnosis is a medication free therapy that not only helps one to get to the core of their problem, but also helps one to clear their mind of negative, compulsive thoughts that can significantly hinder personal healing and positive direction in life’s journey.

I commend Ms. Battaglia for her professional demeanor and the superb services Metro Hypnosis Center has to offer.
- Kathleen Diciedue, NJ

Testimonial – Hypnosis And Transition
I was at a time of transition in my life and career, so I had a hypnotherapy session with Mary Battaglia to see if she might be able to help me gain some insight as to where to focus my energy and attention. My session with Mary was quite amazing. She really helped me to get clarity on some unconscious issues that were blocking my progress. I came away feeling energized and excited about my future. Oddly enough, when I got home from my session with her, I received a job offer from someone I deeply admired. I can’t say enough good things about the work Mary is doing.

Evelyn B, NJ

Testimonial – Hypnosis and Pre-Surgery

The hypnosis was a great help.  I was calm, relaxed and interacting with people before the surgery.  After the surgery, I woke alert and refreshed.  I only have a sore throat which is par for the course.  Otherwise, I’m dong great!

Carol K, NJ

Testimonial – Hypnosis and Pre-Surgery

The surgery was a huge success! My nurse simply could not believe I didn’t want any pain killer afterwards. She says in 19 years, I was the first. She wish everyone would go for hypnosis prior to surgery.

I was able to go home, walk around a bit and are very comfortable. The pain is minimum (I finally took some Tylenol) and I’m so pleased! Thank you so much for your help!!! Couldn’t and wouldn’t do this without you!

Aimee, NJ

Testimonial – Hypnosis and Weight Loss

In mid 2014, I was to the point of giving up hope on losing weight.  A friend urged me to go to a weight loss workshop.  I truly had no hope or desire at that point but I did attend for the sake of my friend who wanted to go and would not go alone.

I found myself surprised that Mary Battaglia inspired me at that workshop.  I felt there may be hope and I signed up with Mary Battaglia for Hypnosis.  I am proud to say that my goal was to lose 20 pounds and I lost it and gained the desire to live a healthier lifestyle in the process.

I am not a fanatic about eating only healthy foods; I am just better at it and now desire it more.  I am much better at feeling good about myself and my daily choices.  This process has been so much more than weight loss.

My experience with Mary Battaglia has been very positive and enhances much more of my life than weight loss.  It has been a very personal and positive experience that continues to encourage me as I face daily issues.

My words here do not show the immense gratitude I have for Mary Battaglia.  I simply do not know how to express it.

Diane Haimeck, Washington Township, NJ