How Sports Hypnosis Can Help Your Game In Bergen County

There are many ways athlete stay in shape and get ready for a game. Practice, exercise and eating right are all part of an athletes regimen.  What some people forget is that the mind needs its own type of workout and routine to be focused, confident, clear and relaxed for the game.   Whether you are a professional, college, high school athlete or play sports on a league you can learn to exercise your mind with hypnosis before a game.   Hypnosis is a natural altered state that allows you to go into the subconscious to find blocks like self-doubt or lack of confidence.  By removing these blocks you can focus on playing the game.  Another important aspect of hypnosis is visualizing feeling relaxed, calm and playing the game easily and effortlessly.   If you can see it you can achieve it.

Improve your focus and concentration through sports hypnosis

Every sports hypnosis client comes with a goal to achieve   It can be staying in the zone, dealing with performance pressure, frustration, relaxation or just playing the game better.  It does not matter if you want to improve your golf, catch a ball, shoot hoops, running or improve accuracy we work on visualizing seeing the goals come to fruition.  We also look within to see where the block is and why it is there.  Being open to making changes and believing in positive outcomes are all you need to work on improving your goals.

Hypnosis can improve your confidence for bike riding

Hypnosis can help you improve focus, drive, motivation and confidence when bike riding.  Read how writer and bike rider Molly Hurford improved her confidence and reclaimed fun back into mountain biking.

How self -hypnosis helps athletes play a better game

Self-hypnosis is an important tool for athletes to learn and use before a game.  Every client is taught self-hypnosis at Metro Hypnosis Center for any goal but it is especially applicable to sports hypnosis.  It can be done in the morning or right before the game in the locker room.  A quiet place is great but self hypnosis can be performed anywhere.   In self-hypnosis an athlete repeats the positive affirmations and visualizes playing well and being relaxed, calm and focused.

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